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 Conscription Notice Petya Nakhimov

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Petya Nakhimov


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Join date : 2011-08-31
Age : 26

PostSubject: Conscription Notice Petya Nakhimov   Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:27 am

Real Name: Jesse Hooper

Soviet Name: Petya Nakhimov

Age (You must be at least 16): 19

Location/Timezone: Canada GMT - 2:30 (timezone differences are not a problem what so ever for me)

Email: unable to post my email for 7 days

Xfire (If applicable): FierceYoshi

Steam Name: dothacker11

What will you bring to the 10th NKVD?: Teamwork, attentiveness, and my pride towards the unit.

What do you want from the 10th NKVD?: I want a solid team environment, and people that I can consider my family on the battlefield.

Why do you want to join the 10th NKVD?: I was searching through the clan threads of the official forums and thought this clan would meet my expectations perfectly.

What other units/clans have you been part of?: A few clans on Battlefield, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and ARMA 2.

Hobbies: Gaming, snowboarding, blogging, guitar, hunting.

Signed: Petya Nakhimov
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Arseny Sokolov


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Location : Unknown

PostSubject: Re: Conscription Notice Petya Nakhimov   Wed Aug 31, 2011 9:38 am

Accepted into the Workers and Peasants Red Army.
Stalingrad Department.
Report to Unit Command Post.

You have found your family.
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Conscription Notice Petya Nakhimov
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