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 Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov

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PostSubject: Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov   Thu Oct 13, 2011 3:54 pm

Real Name: Anders Nylænde

Soviet Name: Vladimir Sergeyovizh Igorov

Age (You must be at least 16): 16

Location/Timezone: Norway, GMT +1

Email: anders20041995@hotmail,com (Change the ',' with a '.'. For some reason I can't post it as an external link.)

Xfire (If applicable): Never bothered.

Steam Name: Comrade_Winter

What will you bring to the 10th NKVD?: Skill, dedication, honor, glory, extensive photoshop skill if you want it, knowledge about WW2, Soviet Union, War tactics and more.

What do you want from the 10th NKVD?: A group of people to play with. I also want to be able to somehow get a Marksman position if possible (I understand this will not be a possibility from the beginning, but eventually work my way up there).

Why do you want to join the 10th NKVD?: Because the 59th broke up after losing important members, one of them was me. I want to join a fairly large group.

What other units/clans have you been part of?: 39th and 59th Guards Rifle Regiment/Division

Hobbies: History studying, Photoshop, Soviet studying, collecting various Soviet items, gaming, sports

Signed: "Vladimir S. Igorov"
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Lyosha Nemtsov

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PostSubject: Re: Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov   Mon Oct 17, 2011 9:54 am

Accepted into the 10th NKVD Training Battalion.
Stalingrad Department.
Report to Unit Command Post.

You already have me on steam so thats all done. Welcome!


10th NKVD GUVV Division
Leytenant Lyosha Nemtsov
"The NKVD, Bad men in colourful hats."
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Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov
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