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 Conscription Notice Yakov Ushakov

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PostSubject: Conscription Notice Yakov Ushakov   Wed Nov 23, 2011 2:07 pm

Real Name: Michiel Westerink

Soviet Name: Yakov Ushakov

Age: 19

Location/Timezone: Netherlands (GMT +1)

Email: michielwesterink[at]live[dot]nl

Xfire (If applicable): n.a.

Steam Name: ikkiewikkie

What will you bring to the 10th NKVD?: Some new cannon fodder, teamwork and a bolt action fanboy

What do you want from the 10th NKVD?: To kick the invaders out of the country and some good teamwork

Why do you want to join the 10th NKVD?: For the teamwork and being part of a realism unit.

What other units/clans have you been part of?: None

Hobbies: Gaming, mountainbiking, hiking, history

Signed: Yakov Ushakov
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Arseny Sokolov


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PostSubject: Re: Conscription Notice Yakov Ushakov   Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:45 pm

Accepted into the 10th NKVD Training Battalion.
Stalingrad Department.
Report to Unit Command Post.

Add me
and Leytenant Nemtsov
in steam.

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Conscription Notice Yakov Ushakov
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