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 Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev

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Anwar Vaskyev

Anwar Vaskyev

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Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev Empty
PostSubject: Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev   Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev EmptyTue Aug 30, 2011 2:38 pm

Real Name:Greg Robinson

Soviet Name:Anwar Vaskyev

Age (You must be at least 16):16

Location/Timezone:GMT-5 (east coast USA)

Email:gregdavid588 @ gmail. com

Xfire (If applicable):

Steam Name:Sgt. Vaskyev(currenly, I changed it when I was playing DoD, I don't expect to be Sgt.)

What will you bring to the 10th NKVD?:Never played Red Orchestra before but I'm a huge fan of fps games and am quite good, but the switchover to RO:HoS will take some time for me to get good.

What do you want from the 10th NKVD?:A community to plar Red Orchestra with and do some realism campaigns as well as training on realism tactics

Why do you want to join the 10th NKVD?:I'm a fan of the Russians Laughing And it'd be nice to join a community to help me get into the game and understand it.

What other units/clans have you been part of?:None in Red Orchestra but many competitive clans in other fps games

Hobbies:Playing computer, playing guitar, surfing, running.

Signed: Anwar Vaskyev

PS. I have deluxe so I am getting ready to play beta a bit tonight. I have school tomorrow so I won't play a lot, maybe a round or two. But rest assured comrades, there will be kraut blood stained upon my hands quite often this week. I may even serve me up a nice bath of german entrails this weekend-actually that might be a bit too disgusting. I'll leave that to the big boys.
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Arseny Sokolov

Arseny Sokolov

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Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev Empty
PostSubject: Re: Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev   Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev EmptyWed Aug 31, 2011 7:08 am

Accepted into the Workers and Peasants Red Army.
Stalingrad Department.
Report to Unit Command Post.

Timezones might be problem for you but lets talk about it later shall we?
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Conscription Notice: Anwar Vaskyev
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