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 Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov

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Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov Empty
PostSubject: Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov   Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 3:54 pm

Real Name: Anders Nylænde

Soviet Name: Vladimir Sergeyovizh Igorov

Age (You must be at least 16): 16

Location/Timezone: Norway, GMT +1

Email: anders20041995@hotmail,com (Change the ',' with a '.'. For some reason I can't post it as an external link.)

Xfire (If applicable): Never bothered.

Steam Name: Comrade_Winter

What will you bring to the 10th NKVD?: Skill, dedication, honor, glory, extensive photoshop skill if you want it, knowledge about WW2, Soviet Union, War tactics and more.

What do you want from the 10th NKVD?: A group of people to play with. I also want to be able to somehow get a Marksman position if possible (I understand this will not be a possibility from the beginning, but eventually work my way up there).

Why do you want to join the 10th NKVD?: Because the 59th broke up after losing important members, one of them was me. I want to join a fairly large group.

What other units/clans have you been part of?: 39th and 59th Guards Rifle Regiment/Division

Hobbies: History studying, Photoshop, Soviet studying, collecting various Soviet items, gaming, sports

Signed: "Vladimir S. Igorov"
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Lyosha Nemtsov
Lyosha Nemtsov

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Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov Empty
PostSubject: Re: Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov   Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov EmptyMon Oct 17, 2011 9:54 am

Accepted into the 10th NKVD Training Battalion.
Stalingrad Department.
Report to Unit Command Post.

You already have me on steam so thats all done. Welcome!

Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov 2eknkw3
10th NKVD GUVV Division
Leytenant Lyosha Nemtsov
"The NKVD, Bad men in colourful hats."
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Conscription Notice: Vladimir Igorov
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